Unseen Waterloo: The Conflict Revisited


Unseen Waterloo: The Conflict Revisited, is a series of imaginary portraits by photographer Sam Faulkner exploring how we remember the fallen from a time before photography.

From 2009 for 5 years, Faulkner travelled to the annual Waterloo re-enactment in Belgium to photograph the ‘soldiers’ who taking part. The photographs are made in his ‘pop-up- studio on the fields where the battle was fought.

The Battle of Waterloo is one of the greatest in history. For nine hours 200,00 men fought one of the most intense and bitter battles the world has seen. By sunset the world had changed. 54,000 men lay dead, dying or injured and Napoleon was vanquished.

Waterloo brought to an end nearly a quarter of a century of conflict and ushered in one hundred years of relative peace in Europe.

“Waterloo is often remembered as battle between two great men, Wellington and Napoleon. I wanted to reclaim the battle for the men who fought and died that day. It was the last conflict before the invention of photography. This project is my attempt to re-imagine the non-existent portraits from 1815.” said Sam Faulkner